Is Living Abroad Really Worth the Effort

Published on Jan 6, 2017.

When you come to think of it, leaving your home to settle abroad involves a lot. From sorting out your visa to getting your qualifications recognized by your new resident country authorities; from negotiating rent to have to set up new bank accounts; from having to adapt to a new culture, cuisine or climate to even being forced to learn new languages… nothing is really simple or easily familiar when you transition from your old life to a new life away from the “home” you are used to! And we’ve not even started talking about the prospect of having to leave your beloved family, your old friends, so many of your dear possessions and even your beloved country behind for a faraway “unknown” land!

So, do you think moving abroad is really worth the struggle and sacrifice that is often involved? Let‘s examine a few factors and see.

When some change is all you want!

Maybe you just want to feel some change; new environment, new people, new flora and fauna, new culture, new food, new climate… name it! Life is too short -- explore! Mother Earth is so big, wide, diverse and endowed with a lot to see and love -- adventure! What’s the need of working so hard and accumulating so much money if you can’t enjoy it? YOLO!! In case you feel like your finances aren't enough, you can always use Target coupons and save some more! There are plenty of other stores that you could shop and spend to your advantage such as Kohl's so all you need is the right plan and you won't regret it.

See the world for yourself

There are so many stories that you have seen only on the Internet or through the idiot box (I mean the TV) or heard from people who are lucky to have had some first-hand experience with them. Why not go there and see for yourself? For instance, are there really uncontacted tribes in the Brazilian Amazon, Papua New Guinea or Micronesia? How does it actually feel to speak to a Khoisan of Southern Africa and hear him/her answer in “click sounds”? Take a one-year or so “break from civilization” and explore the jungles of the world! Of course, it doesn't mean the cities don't offer a unique experience either. Choose the place you feel that you will enjoy the most and don't be afraid! If you decide to become a digital nomad you won't have to worry about a job, no matter where you are.

Drop the stereotypes

When you decide to live abroad and interact with various peoples of other cultures and backgrounds, you’ll soon realize that all that Hollywood and the Mass Media has been feeding into your mind about other people and countries may be, for lack of a better description, mostly crap! Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to disparage the good American movie industry or our media. No. what I’m saying is this: travel the world and you will discover that not all Arabs are terrorists, Russians are not the badass killers often depicted by Hollywood, Latin America is not all drugs and crime, Africa is not all war, poverty and disease, China is not all “bloody” Communism and human breeding (in fact, there is nothing communist about China but for the name of the ruling party!) Health Guidance has some tips that can help you become more tolerant.

Some tips when traveling or going to live abroad:

  • Have an open mind to explore and learn. As we said above, leave your stereotypes at home. Get to learn about your “new home” from what you see on the ground, not your pre-conceived assumptions.

  • Avoid going to unfamiliar territories alone. Make use of guides and friendly people. And don’t forget to pre-plan for any emergencies, for instance medical or a rescue operation. Keep in touch with the American embassy in that country.

  • Learning the small courtesies of your host people is very important. In fact, some things that appear simple and a by-the-way to you may not be the same to other people. For instance, you may want to avoid kissing in public in Dubai, UAE -- it can land you in jail!

  • Finally, enjoy yourself and live while you can. Life is too short to allow routine and monotony bore your life down!

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