6 Uses For Unwanted Gifts

Published on Dec 20, 2016. 6 uses for unwanted gifts

The Christmas season comes soon and it's not unusual that among the plethora of wonderful gifts you receive there will be some that are not exactly the right thing for you... Or maybe a friend gave you for birthday a valuable set of cosmetics you, unfortunately, never use? Don't worry, it doesn't mean those presents will go to waste! They can still be used to their full potential. Find out about the options you have:

Give out the gift to other people in need

Rather than throw away your unwanted gifts or just store them in your house without any good use, why not consider giving them to charity? Trust me, there are very many people out there who will find your “unwanteds” quite useful. You can give them to charity shops, gift them directly to individuals in your neighborhood, or post them online to sites like freecycle.com. If you want to find out more about donating to charities, Time has a few tips on the topic.

Return the gift to the source

Take your gift back to the shop where it originated from, which is especially easy to do if you have the original packaging. When you receive something from thoughtful gift-givers, they’ll accompany it with a gift receipt so that if you don't like the present, you can use this as a proof of purchase to qualify for a refund or an exchange with other items, although there are stores that don't need that such as Nordstrom. Alternatively, if you know that the person who gave you the present won't mind, you can explain the situation to them and ask for the receipt.

Exchange your gift with other items

Swap your unwanted gift with others who also have gifts that they’re not in need of right now. There are plenty of swapping sites that will be of help to you such as homeexchange.com, dontbidbarter.com, or swishing.co.uk for this purpose. You could also organize a swapping party with your neighbors and friends, or even host a White Elephant party which can be super fun! You can use this method not only in case of gifts – whom of us have never succumbed to a special sale at Neiman Marcus or another favorite shop of ours only to find out that getting that dress on an impulse might not have been the best idea...?

Sell your unwanted gifts

Who said you can’t make some cash from the unwanted gifts? Some people might worry it's unethical but there's no reason to, after all, money is money and the feelings of gratitude remain. You just need to sell what you don’t need and purchase what you need. You can do this by hosting a yard/garage sale in your neighborhood or selling them online to eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Gumtree. However, remember to avoid selling your gift on Facebook or other platform where your gift-giver may see it and get offended.

Convert your gift-cards into money

Sometimes you may find yourself having a gift card that you’re sure you’ll never use. This is like holding onto money that you’re not using! Nowadays there are many online sites that can buy back such gift cards. For instance, if you’ve received more Starbucks’ gift-cards than you need and you feel that you’re over-caffeinated for life, you can use websites like cardpool.com, cardavenue.com and cardcowboy.com to sell them for 90-95% of their original value. You can also shop for other gift-cards of items you need on the same sites at discounted rates.

Finally, transform your unwanted gifts

If you don’t want to use your present for the exact purpose it was given to you, you can transform and use it for some other goal. For instance, that garish mug that you got last Christmas and have been keeping in the house without knowing what to do with it, why not use it to hold some of your make-up brushes or paint brushes? That “awful” floral t-shirt that you didn’t know what to do with till now, why not make it part of your kids' dressing-up box? The ideas are countless!

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