Discountrue - April 2015

Here are a few words about what an amazing experience Discountrue has turned out to be!! Just a few weeks after we launched this blog, we started to receive some wonderful feedback from you guys! I couldn't believe how quickly it happened! We're so grateful for all the kind words and the personal stories that you have shared with us and we love hearing from all of you!!

What's even more remarkable is that soon after that we were recognized and mentioned by a few established blogs as well as several serious services such as Huff Post, Digitaljournal and Guardianlv. This was just the beginning of our success and has led to a huge boost in traffic with even more questions and requests from new readers. What you asked for the most (nearly 90% of the emails) has been to do with coupons and promo codes – mostly where to find the best codes and deals.

This got us to thinking and wondering if there was a way for us to help our readers get the information that they were looking for. After some serious debate we decided that we should give it a try and turn Discountrue into something more than a regular savings blog. My husband Mark is a wonderful graphic designer and programmer, my mom is a great copywriter and the rest of my friends and family have decided that it’s definitely the way to go. With their votes of confidence all we can say is that we hope not to disappoint you!

My truest and most abiding passion has always been helping others. It came about quite simply really. Me and my family received so much help when we were in great need, now that we are finally on our feet and can afford it; it is our turn to pay it forward by helping others. We’ve chosen a simple way to do this but that doesn’t make us any less determined. We want to give the lion’s share of any of the profits we earn through affiliation, ads and more on Discountrue to charity.

It’s because of you and your support that we are able to make this happen so of course we promise to let everyone know how much we are able to share thanks to their efforts!

We are going to be starting slowly, with just a handful of the most popular brands that you, our readers, have asked for. As time goes on we will start to add more and expand this list. Of course this means we are going to need your help with this! Whenever there are coupons that you would like to see here, then let us know and we will do our best to oblige.

Thank you again for all of your support and we hope that you will continue on this amazing journey with us,


Discountrue - December 2014

Hello dear reader!

I’d like to welcome you to this blog where I hope you’ll find inspiration begin or continue on a journey to perhaps a simpler but what I believe to be a more rewarding life.

My name’s Zoe Fisher. I’m a happy wife and proud mother of three little ones that bring me joy every single day and are dearer to me than anything else. I always try and squeeze as much as possible from a day and I’m usually exhausted by the end of the day. All I want to do before I collapse in exhaustion is a thirty minute read in bed, I’m lucky if I even get fifteen minutes! However I hope to contribute here on a regular basis.

There are plenty of similar blogs out there so why did I choose this topic to blog about? I have asked myself the same question more times than you can imagine however this is not the debut of my online career. I have been writing for advice columns on bargain shopping, couponing and simplifying family life for a while now and I feel so passionately about all these things that I simply could not stop myself from starting this little project.

I’m sure my passion for these topics, as well as the fact that I don’t just share the advice I give but live by it, is thanks to my mother whom I love and admire greatly. She has promised to help me with this endeavor and to be my first and most harsh critic in case I get a little sloppy. You can take my word for it; I know that she will and that she won’t allow me to give anything less than my best, no matter what I do. Thank you mom, I love you for that!!

This brings me to another important point. I could not possibly do all of this by myself. Not if I want this blog to become as successful as I hope it will. Fortunately I have a few dear friends who I have sweet talked into agreeing to help me by contributing to Discountrue regularly. Believe me, I’ll make sure you keep your promise girls!

So I guess, that’s enough about me and Discountrue for now. I hope you’ll like what you find here and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts or critique. If you think you have something you’d like to share or contribute in some way, you’re always more than welcome.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Zoe Fisher

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